About UsFrom a seed that was planted many years ago, intertwined with our love of helping others, sharing our graces and living a life full of meaningful purpose, even after tremendous loss, Georgia Kate Boutique was born…and she has a story to share while spreading joy, self love and fulfilling a heart of purpose.

Top on my purpose list is gifting you a beautiful, hassle free & memorable "shopping with purpose" experience. Dressing shouldn’t be stressful. We are all about keeping things simple, including clothes shopping. Georgia Kate offers modern classics that are feminine, pretty, practical for real life and always in style. Each of our pieces was chosen to be paired with clothing you already own. And if not, we invite you to shop our carefully curated collections. We understand that clothing is personal and we believe that your style should be an expression of your personality, lifestyle and overall style preference. 

For those of you who only know the real estate side of me, or not at all, I will share with you what has been in my heart for "hundreds of years,” or, as our kids know it, "since dinosaurs roamed the earth.” It’s all about life, healing, empowering (all) women, having a thankful and giving heart, recognizing my “unsung women heroes” who helped me along the way, spreading awareness on pregnancy and infant loss; and finally, chasing, understanding and finding the “more” that my heart, soul, mind & business life has been seeking. And now, I am beyond excited and grateful for the chance to do “more." Being able to share my love and appreciation of clothing styles (deeply influenced by my Southern upbringing), paying it forward to deserving “unsung women heroes" out there, and helping to spread awareness on pregnancy and infant loss so that it stops being such an uncomfortable topic for people to hear about-all of those are so much "more" for me. 

Something I firmly believe… 

I learned to appreciate what clothing can do for your mind, body, and spirit, as long as it was done right. I truly believe that just the right pieces do have healing powers. Think about it, has there ever been a time when you put something on and all of the sudden you came alive? I don’t mean “come alive like Frankenstein.” I am referring to the "good for your spirit, makes your soul smile and come alive” kind of feeling. The very same one that also reignites your confidence, feeling on top of the world and that you can conquer anything kind of feeling. Perhaps a little edgy and sexy. Well, it happened to me and I fell in love with clothes again after years of struggles with eating/body issues that had me convinced “nothing looked good on me” or I “was too fat.” I finally realized that clothes were not so bad after all. All I needed were the right pieces, the right cuts, the right styles to flatter my size/body type, MY body, not what we perceive to be perfect (which doesn’t exist). It was then that I learned to appreciate labels with designers (AKA Curators of Magic) behind them who help us to find, see and appreciate the beauty that is already within us. The magic. The healing powers. I want to share them with women everywhere. Thank you for being here with us. Cheers to paying it forward, making a positive difference and treating yourself, or others, to retail therapy all at the same time.      

Cliff Notes version:

{Preface: I was born in and lived in Peru until we relocated to Atlanta just before my 7th birthday. I spoke Spanish before English. Thanks to an insane amount of articulation lessons and English classes, I mastered all things English and became the notorious grammar nerd I am today. Though my life is rooted in the South, I have always remained connected to my Peru and her intoxicating culture, cuisine and her overall zest for living life boldly and on your terms. I also became my family's personal sous chef for our favorite Peruvian dishes.} 

I grew up in Dunwoody, Georgia. Graduated from Dunwoody High School then attended The University of Georgia. I earned a BBA degree with a Major in Marketing from Terry College of Business and was an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta back then and now as an Alumna member. I earned my real estate license in Georgia, in 1999, and had a successful and rewarding career in residential real estate for over 16 years until relocations opened our journey to exploring the US. I also earned my real license in Kansas.  I married the man of my dreams in 2002. Early on, he planted the seed of entrepreneurship and the idea of always doing what we love for work. Because when you love it, it's not work. It's a passion. Enter the dream of owning a boutique someday. Together we have 4 boys-a set of twins, Aidan and Cal; our angel in Heaven, Boden, who received his angel wings at 39 weeks; and our Rainbow baby, Declan. Our fur babies, since our story began, include 4 pups- 2 Min Pins & now 2 Australian Shepherds. Though we are Georgia Peaches through and through, corporate relocations introduced us to the Northeast, where we lived for 2.5 years exploring and submerging ourselves in all the rich history, food and community. After a short return to Atlanta, opportunity came knocking again for my husband. That knock brought us to where we are today- Kansas City, a place we now call home. That said, our roots will always be in the South. In our house, we believe in Faith, Hope, Love and Paying It Forward. Oh, and we believe in the SEC. We cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs and we roll with the Tide! We are a house divided, but there's no judging. Go Dawgs!



*Family photo credit: Lauren Orr Photography