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Fulfilling Our Heart of Purpose

"Beneath the beauty of fashion, is a heart of purpose that believes in paying it forward, bringing awareness, & making a positive difference."


When you shop with Georgia Kate Boutique, our goal for you is to shop confidently. Stress less, enjoy more, and elevate your soul (and your closet) while  making a positive difference and fulfilling a heart of purpose.


One way we will accomplish this mission will be to spotlight and feature unsung silent women heroes among us. These deserving women will be nominated by you. We all know at least one angel who walks among us. We would like to provide a little pampering and recognition to these selected heroes, on a quarterly basis or more often, if possible, with your help. We want to shower them with a mini makeover, inclusive of a photo shoot and feature on our website and social media pages. Our goal is pay it forward to AND empower/lift up our hero women who represent the angels who helped me along my journey of finding purpose, allowing them to feel like a queen, if even for a day.


So very near and dear to our hearts, is pregnancy and baby loss. Through our blog, and because writing is therapeutic and healing, I believe this avenue will allow a positive way for spreading awareness, no matter when our/your loss occurred. Our walk in “those shoes” happened at 39 weeks. A “fluke,” I was told. Our angel was blessed. He was healthy. At least right up until his time. Our priest said to me...

“We all have a purpose. Boden’s purpose was to be by God’s side. You, my dear, were the vessel that helped Boden fulfill his purpose. Now it's your turn, my dear, to find and fulfill your purpose.”


Not a day goes by that doesn’t include Boden. I know we are not alone. Our angels deserve to be remembered. “No footprint is too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world,” including our Boden’s. It is with him that I am learning to conquer my fears, getting out of my own way, and taking the giant leaps of faith… for our boys and my adorable hunk of a husband. They are part of the force that drives me. They give me the strength to not only do better than yesterday, but to also help the world be a better place.


Last, but not least, we would like to offer our appreciation and heartfelt “Thank You” to all Military members, First Responders and Teachers who serve us and our children, on a daily basis. As a token of our gratitude, Georgia Kate Boutique would like to extend Our Everyday Offer for Our Every Day Heroes(c). All you need to do is provide a valid/current form of identification and, in return, you receive a 10% discount on any regularly priced purchases.