Headbands | Custom Handmade by Brooke Wright

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Top knot headband! Cute and perfect for keeping your hair back or making a statement! These are made from 100% cotton fabric and are a true headband. Patterns listed below are currently in stock, in limited quantities.

  • Blue Lemon
  • Vintage Stripe
  • Multi Otomi
  • White Lemon
  • Orange Peach Floral 
  • Pink Plaid
  • Blue Starfish
  • Each piece begins as an original hand painted watercolor design that is then made into various fabrics and textiles. Happy, Uplifting, Refreshing, and High Quality are just a few of the words that describe the essence of BW’s designs. All BWD pieces are handmade, custom designs using the fabrics in a limited number per style/design element. These are not items you will find any and everywhere. Each and every piece is designed, created, and brought to life in Fort Worth, Texas, at the BW studio.