October's Purpose. Awareness.

I believe October's purpose is to delicately shine light and love on some of life's most heart wrenching true stories. Stories so widespread that humanity created movements to seek answers and to offer help, support and education. We know these movements as causes. While there are so many equally important causes, one is my real life. And I am not alone.     
Though October is the month dedicated to raising awareness, it doesn't mean the behind the scene reason is turned off the rest other 11 months. Sadly, for those of us that are the faces behind the causes, the switch is always on. My wish is that if even one person is helped by hearing or reading my words, then I have found a silver lining.
What October Represents to Me:
October symbolizes the cycle of life. Ironically, trees lose their leaves as their life ends waiting for rebirth in the spring. October's purpose is to inspire love provoking conversation and awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. More importantly, it enables us to honor and remember our angels in ways best for each family. Though that is not always free from outside judgement, the gift of educating to raise awareness on this type of loss, if another silver lining not to be overlooked. Use your voice. Share your baby's name, Share their story. The world does listen. 
May we always remember all babies born sleeping, those we carried but never held and all sweet souls gone much too soon. As my baby boy's birthday nears, I realize my heart will NEVER forget just how truly lucky we were to have him in our lives, even if for a moment. Boden taught me to NEVER take ANYTHING for granted. I will forever miss you and love you my sweet prince.

Not a day goes by that doesn’t include Boden. I know we are not alone. Our angels deserve to be remembered. “No footprint is too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world,” including our Boden’s. It is with him that I am learning to conquer my fears, getting out of my own way, and taking the giant leaps of faith… for our boys and my adorable hunk of a husband. They are part of the force that drives me. They give me the strength to not only do better than yesterday, but to also help the world be a better place.


“We all have a purpose. Boden’s purpose was to be by God’s side. You, my dear, were the vessel that helped Boden fulfill his purpose.”