My Letter of Hope & Wishes for You in 2021

***When I sat down to write a letter, I envisioned an actual letter. Once I put pen to paper as I quickly tried to keep up with my thoughts flowing, all at once and all over the place, my thoughts ended up more like a list of hopes and wishes for you to consider and even act on and believe. I decided to share with you despite it not being what I planned on writing/sharing with you. My words are the main focus of consideration, not the format used to convey them. I hope my words to resonate, validate, help and show the appreciation, love and gratitude I have for you.

If speaks to you, LISTEN TO IT.

If it gives you butterflies, GO FOR IT.

If it makes you want to try, TRY IT.

If it makes you smile, laugh and cry all at once, NEVER FORGET.

If it allows you live in constant joy, ALLOW IT.

If it ignites your soul, NEVER STOP.

If it creates life halting self-doubt, ACKNOWLEDGE and MOVE ON.

If it makes you ask yourself, "what if," FIND OUT.

 If it...keeps you grounded, makes you smile ear to ear, fulfills your life, satisfies your sweet tooth, gives you hope, makes you say to yourself " I am so lucky," gives you an answer right away, is all YOU, THEN stay grounded, keep smiling, stay sweet, remain hopeful, show gratitude.

Discard anything in your life that creates negative clutter, inside and out. Choose a healthy lifestyle over "diets." Your future self will thank you. Live life colorfully. Branch out every now and then. Go big or go home. Close your eyes and take deep breathes to help settle and quiet the mind. Practice yoga for a full mind, body and soul experience. But also get in some cardio and strength. You're never too old, so just stop that excuse. Buy clothes for best fit, comfort and lifestyle and not for a number. Cut the tag when you get home. Blaze your own amazing trail on earth. It is perfectly acceptable to wear sequins to the grocery store. Pearls enhance any and every outfit you'll ever own.

If you remember only one sentence in this love note to you, please let it be the following sentence...

You're never too old when we have the gift and privilege of life. It is only when the last nail is hammered in the coffin, that we are too old (at least on earth).

Let’s kickoff the new year with a vow to live life in the moment, free from any judgements, and giving thanks to God. Stay true to the inspiring human you and never let go of your perfect style and discerning eye for fashion!

Cheers & Happy New Year to YOU!

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