Blog Designer Spotlight Feature | Cleobella

Blog Designer Spotlight Feature | Cleobella

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Get to Know Cleobella

Globally Inspired, Ethically Handmade

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Cleobella was founded by husband and wife team, Angela "Ange" and Jim O'Brien in 2006. Cleobella is globally inspired through culture, way of life, ancient traditions, bold colors, handwoven textiles and more. Journeys to places such as Bali, India sparked the couple to create with the help of local artisans and masters of ancient designs and fabrications. Every piece with the Cleobella name is uniquely handmade using the organic fabrics with little to no environmental impacts. 

Cleobella's handmade process allows the couple and team to personally work with local artisans and small factories and enables job creation and a sustainable income otherwise non-existent. Cleobella is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices that celebrate the traditional and ancient techniques in use for centuries. 

All of the cotton we use is made from certified organically produced raw materials. This includes strict environmental and social standards for all processes along all stages of production. At each stage of the supply chain, all tiers receive and validate Transaction Certificates for every tier from incoming raw fibers to the finished fabric. This process is of the utmost importance to verify traceability throughout our supply chain and with our farmers.These organic fibers have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard ensuring there is no use of genetically modified seeds, harmful pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

Cleobella honors Mother Earth in all cycles including their shipping supplies. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic (plastics already in circulation) and they are 100% recyclable so that they can be reused and made into something new.

Preserving heritage techniques is at the forefront of our design sensibility. Each of Cleobella’s designs is handmade with intention and integrity. Occasional variations in design are due to the handmade process, making each item beautifully unique.

Every Cleobella design is handmade with integrity and intended to be cherished for generations.  

With the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing brand that also values and shares similar missions as ours at Georgia Kate, I invite you to get to know and shop Cleobella right here with Georgia Kate!

Blog Designer Spotlight Feature Cleobella

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