Blog Update-Coming Clean with Safer, Good For You Products

Blog Update-Coming Clean with Safer, Good For You Products

Patty Adair Patty Adair
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{Blog Post}*Disclaimer: The following words are mine. I am who I am. Being able to share personal, raw and real life stuff is a privilege in my book. What is shared is not always the easiest thing to do. I am much better at writing than I am getting behind a camera. Did you know I am petrified of LIVE videos. I am told I need to get over it if I want to fulfill my heart of purpose. Back to my earlier point. I am a nurturer, a helper and natural born helper. Sharing quietly through writing allows me to be me. I write. You read. I hope ( If not, that's ok. Writing is therapeutic and it sure doesn't talk back). If you do read. Then maybe you can relate. Or you gain insight to pass along to someone who could relate. I write to share because I know life is hard & I just want to help others...anyway I can.

From product user to advocate. That was in 2016. It was only appropriate considering what's at stake. Our health. For those of you who may not know, I have a history with colon polyps. This is a history that I strive for remaining just that- HISTORY. The polyp crew coupled with my food allergies (Yes, this girl has food allergies) became somewhat of a personal mission for me. I began educating myself on cleaning up "my act." In that education, I found that not only is your body affected by what you put INSIDE of it, but also by what you put ON it. At this moment, I learned about Beautycounter. Their mission is what reeled me in. I also learned that the beauty & skin care industries have not been regulated since 1938! No regulations? Needless to say, I started saying NO to unnecessary chemicals, toxins, fake and over processed products. Products that not only went in my body, but also products I used on my body. We're talking foods, drinks, beauty & skin care products. If it's going IN or ON my body, I want to know what it is. I may not have final control and say so over what ultimately happens, but I will do the best I can to avoid enabling any of the "bad guys" looming around.

This issue, too, is part of finding my purpose and paying it forward. As a woman, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a sister, and as the strong, southern girl steering this ship, AKA my baby girl, I am thrilled and privileged to share the mission of Beautycounter with y'all. I believe in it. If you have ever questioned what you put inside your body, then you question what you put on the outside. Reach out if you have a question. I want to help. It's inspiring hearing your stories. Share them. Because together, we can make coming clean an extraordinary thing. Follow along for more blog news.

P.S. Here are a few favorites to consider:

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